Training ship returns to MMA

go site CASTINE — The Maine Maritime Academy training ship State of Maine returned home on Monday after an extended summer cruise that twice crossed the Atlantic.

State of Maine sailed from Castine on May 10 for a 90-day training voyage.

After leaving Castine, the ship traveled to Charleston, S.C., Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands and Halifax, N.S., before returning to Portland on June 17.

During the ship’s port stop in Maine, juniors in the student complement who sailed on the first 45-day leg of the trip disembarked and were replaced by another complement of juniors for the second 45-day leg.

After leaving Portland, State of Maine sailed trans-Atlantic to Cádiz, Spain, and Cobh, Ireland, before re-crossing the ocean to Boston and Searsport before returning home on Monday.

Freshman students stayed on board for the entire 90 day cruise.

Students pursuing an officer’s license as a third mate or third assistant engineer from the U.S. Coast Guard are required to train at sea for at least 300 days during their first three years at MMA. Freshmen and juniors sail aboard the State of Maine while sophomores are assigned to merchant ships worldwide.

Freshman students trained at sea for the full 90 days of this year’s training voyage. Members of the junior class trained either during the first 45 or second 45 days of the voyage.

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