Pre Sea Training For Deck Cadet (B.S.C Nautical Science)

Sl. No.List of Institutes offering this courseCourse DurationFees
GKM Institute of Marine Sciences & Technology (Location: Chennai)Book NowView
Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (MMTI) (Location: Mumbai)Book NowView
Aquatech Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) (Location: New Delhi)Book NowView
B. P. Marine Academy (Location: Navi Mumbai)Book NowView
Coimbatore Marine College (Location: Coimbatore)Book NowView
Seacom Marine College (Location: West Bengal)Book NowView
Training Ship Rahaman (Location: Navi Mumbai)Book NowView
International Maritime Institute (IMI) (Location: New Delhi)Book NowView
SAMS (Southern Academy of Maritime Studies) (Location: Chennai)Book NowView
Applied Research International (ARI) (Location: New Delhi)Book NowView
Vels Academy of Maritime Studies (Location: Chennai)Book NowView
Trident College of marine Technology (Location: Kolkata)Book NowView
Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training (HIMT) (Location: Kolkata)Book NowView
Euro Tech Maritime Academy (Location: Kerala)Book NowView
Indian Centre For Advancement Of Research & Education (ICARE) (Location: West Bengal)Book NowView
Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) (Location: Chennai)Book NowView
Haldia Institute of Maritime Studies & Research (HIMSAR) (Location: West Bengali)Book NowView
R.L. Institute of Nautical Science (Location: Tamilnadu)Book NowView
Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime College (Location: Chennai)Book NowView
National Maritime Academy (Location: Chennai)Book NowView
Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training (Location: Pune)Book NowView
Shirdi Sai Nautical Science Academy(Location: Bengalure)Book NowView