Personal Survival Techniques (PST)

Sl.No.List of Institutes offering this courseDurationFees
1Academy of Maritime Education and Training (AMET) (Location: Kanathur)
2Agnel Maritime Academy (Location: Goa)
3Amer Maritime Training Academy (Location: Uttar Pradesh)
4Applied Research International (Location: New Delhi)
5Aquatech Institute of Maritime Studies (AIMS) (Location: New Delhi)
6B. P. Marine Academy (Location: Navi Mumbai)
7Balaji Seamen Training Institute (Location: Chennai)
8Columbus Maritime Training Institute (Location: Mumbai)
9Commander Ali’s Academy of Merchant Navy (Location: Andhra Pradesh)
10Commander Alis Academy of Merchant Navy (Location: Andhra Pradesh)
11Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime College (Location: Chennai)
12Euro Tech Maritime Academy (Location: Kochi)
13Golden Marine Academy Pvt. Ltd. (Location: New Delhi)
14Gurship Education Trust Maritime Training Institute (Location: Mumbai)
15Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training (HIMT) (Location: Chennai)
16Indus Seafarers Training Academy (Location: Chennai)
17International Marine Academy (Location: Mumbai)
18International Marine Academy (Location: Mumbai)
19International Maritime Academy (Location:Chennai)
20International Maritime Institute (IMI) (Location: New Delhi)
21Marine Engineering & Research Institute (Location: Kolkata)
22Marine Engineering & Research Institute (Location: Kolkata)
23Marine Medical Clinic (Location: Mumbai)
24Marine Officer’s Training Academy (MOTA) (Location: Puducherry)
25Marine Training Academy (MTA) (Location: Mumbai)
26Maritime Foundation (Location:Chennai)
27Mumbai Maritime Training Institute (MMTI) (Location: Mumbai)
28National Maritime Academy (Location: Chennai)
29Naval Maritime Academy (Location: Mumbai)
30NUSI Maritime Academy (Location: Goa)
31Ocean Education Research Centre (OERC) (Location: Mumbai)
32Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (Location: New Delhi)
33Orissa Maritime Academy (Location: Orissa)
34R. L. Institute of Nautical Sciences (Location: Chennai)
35SAGAR GYAN ACADEMY (Location: Mumbai)
36Sailors Maritime Academy (Location: Andhra Pradesh)
37Sea Explorers’ institute (Location: Kolkata)
38Seacom Marine College (Location: Kolkata)
39SeaSkills Maritime Academy (Location: Coimbatore)
40Setrac College of Offshore Training (Location: Navi Mumbai)
41Sriram Institute of Marine Studies (Location: New Delhi)
42Tamilnadu Maritime Academy (Location: Chennai)
43Tolani Maritime Institute (Location: Pune)
44Training Ship Rahaman (Location: NaviMumbai)
45Trident College of marine Technology (Location: Kolkata)
46YAK MARITIME (Location: Navi Mumbai)