MMD DG Shipping- Procedure for Document Corrections Documents like COC, DCE

Procedure for Document Corrections like COC, COE, DCE, GMDSS COP and Rating watch keeping

  • Certificates are prone to mistakes either due to the typographic errors or due to change to the name in the Seafarers passport.

  • DCE, GMDSS COP and Rating watch keeping certificates are issued by MMD’s or Facilitation centres so the Document correction application should be forwarded to the issuer of the document that is the MMD concerned.

  • COC and COE issued by DGS will be handled by DGS Engineering and Nautical branch as the case may be. The second case where there are Changes in COC/COE due to the seafarers change in personal documents.

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The application is to be made to DGS through the MMD’s as a change of name application or Document correction with the necessary fees. We endeavour to minimise the typo errors in documents issued by this office by the new online system. Still due to manual intervention at some stages we still face the challenge of typographic errors. Hence we develop this procedure for handling these Typographic errors.  

Standard Operating Procedure for handling Typographic errors:

1) An application made to the DGS with a letter and copy of the COC/COE.

2) The Application is received in the Engineering Branch / Nautical Branch.

3) The error as mentioned is checked by the Section In charge, in the DGS records and also in the DGS website by entering the INDOS number.

4) Error in the COC is handled by clearly marking the error by a star sign and giving reference to where (on which page) the correction is made in the original COC.

5) COC/COE is put up for verification and signatures to E&SS/DyCS/NS/DyNA.

6) If seafarer is sailing and original COC is unavailable for making corrections, a letter is issued to facilitate him to sail without any trouble of external agencies like PSC regimes.

7) After making this change, the change is updated online in governance.

8) The case is filed in the COC/COE error file.

9) The original COC or the letter for the error is issued and collected either by the candidate or a person authorised by him. (Time required for the application to be processed and error correction is 4-5 working days.)

19 thoughts on “MMD DG Shipping- Procedure for Document Corrections Documents like COC, DCE”

  1. Sir,
    I’m vinaykumar, a deck cadet, with
    CDC NUM: MUM 281932
    INDOS NUM: 16NL1453
    Sir, my CDC had some mistakes and my training institute has applied for CDC correction on Nov 30th. Sir being almost a month since applied and iam not able to find the correction uploaded on any of the checkers on DG website. Neither I am getting any information about the correction status.

    Sir, please guide me as to how will I get to track the correction status.. and please let me know if there is way to find if my CDC is dispatched from Mumbai SMO.

    Thank you,.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    First i submit my thanks to you for your time to read my query.
    I want your advice regarding name correction in Online database of personal details in CDC as well as INDOS.

    When i initially applied for CDC in 2006, my institution applied without my surname.Also for my INDOS they did the same due to some error.

    Therefore my CDC and INDOS was issued with out my surname . But by producing my passport I added my surname in the additional page in my CDC and also got new indos certificate with same INDOS no but with the surname included. Now the hardcopy of INDOS and CDC have the name as same as my passport. It is Okay

    But when i created eprofile for my examination my surname is not showing in my personnel details, It is as like as my CDC which i applied at first. The correction which i made in hard copy is not reflecting in my Online database of INDOS as well as my CDC. that is when i checked cdc and indos checker online, it is showing details without my surname.

    FYKI my hard copy and online database of my coc have my surname.

    Now i want to revalidate my COC through online in chennai MMD . then they will issue renewal sticker for the successful application.

    Now i am worried if my application is successful there are chances where renewal sticker also could be issued without surname which happened in my recent cdc renewal.i.e the sticker also issued without surname.

    In other case i am worried because my whole application might be rejected due to this difference.

    I already sent email to indos cell, dg, egovernance, mmd, shipping master . etc.., etc..,. but as usual there is no single acknowledging email yet.

    Kindly give me your advice, let alone my career my living is also depend on solving this issue.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  3. dear sir i want replacement my cdc online and online application have my permanent address, but some mistake in my address,(pin code,house number) can i change thees details change online please help me.

  4. my cdc is issued from mumbai MMD , but there is a mistake in eye colour and address , can i correct it in kolkata MMD

  5. Dear sir
    During dc endorsement i worng selected ctf for chemco .form got generated how to cancel that generated form plz help me to solve this problem

    1. Hi Dileep,

      You will need to visit the MMD where you have applied, there is no option online to cancel the application if application is generated neither you will be allowed to apply again for DCE if last application is still pending.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Kindly note, there is no typo error in my CDC, but I have changed my name and holding a Gazette copy for the same. I have got it updated from INDOS Cell and also Passport updated. Please advise me the procedure to update my New Name in my Indian CDC (Issued by Chennai MMD).
    Thanks for your kind Support.

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