Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Course

Sl.No.List of Institutes offering this courseDurationFees
1Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Centre (Location: Maharashtra)
2Applied Research International (ARI) (Location: New Delhi)
3ASP Ship Management (I) Pvt. Ltd. (Location: Mumbai)
4B. P. Marine Academy (Location: Navi Mumbai)
5Bibby Maritime Training Centre (Location: Mumbai)
6Centre for Maritime Education & Training (CMET) (Location: Lucknow)
7Hermes Ship Management Training Institute (Location: Navi Mumbai)
8Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training (HIMT) (Location: Chennai)
9Indian Maritime College (IMC) (Location: Tamil Nadu)
10International Maritime Training Centre (IMTC) (Location: Mumbai)
11Massa Maritime Academy (MMA) (Location: Navi Mumbai)
12Moloobhoy Training Centre (Location: Mumbai)
13NATCOM Education & Research Foundation (Location: Gurgaon)
14National Maritime Academy (Location: Chennai)
15Ocean Education Research Centre (OERC) (Location: Mumbai)
16OCEANS XV NAUTICAL PVT. LTD. (Location: New Delhi)
17Pentagon Maritime Training & Research Institute (Location: Navi Mumbai)
18Pondicherry Maritime Academy (Location: Pondicherry)
19YAK MARITIME (Location: Navi Mumbai)