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  1. go site Good Morning Sir.
    I am Manoj Kumar Second Officer.My INDIAN COC got expired on 12.10.2016.I asked my Company to sign off but they are not giving due to insufficient funds.What legal action can be taken against them.Pls advice me.

    1. Hi Manoj,

      get link Action will depend on lot of factor such as:
      1) Company you are sailing with, rpsl registered or not.
      2) What is the exact reason for not signing you off. Not having funds to sign you off, which port is vessel located or where you intend to sign off. If you really want to register complaint please send message to DG

      enter Also you can contact ITF, NUSI to register complaint.

      site de rencontre ado pas d'inscription Please ensure you have sufficient reason. You can send me detailed message on email address given on this website.

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