How to Apply for DC Endorsement Online

Procedure to get Online DC Endorsement from MMD, India


2. Log in by entering details on top left section of e-governance page. If you are not registered then please register first before applying for DC Endorsement. Registration is required for all services related to MMD/ DG Shipping.


3.Click on the “COC, DC Endorsement, gmdss Radio Operator”section as shown in below picture.


4. Click on the options on left hand top corner of the next page( As Shown in below picture)dc1

5.After you click on the above option you will be guided to application page, fill up the details on application page in section “Personal Details”. Some of the data is from INDOS Database and same cannot be changed by you. In case you have found any discrepancy in this section please contact INDOS Cell to correct the same.

 DC Endorsement

6.After pressing “Continue”you will be guided to below page to fill up the address where and mode of receiving the ENDORSEMENT. Carefully select the option of BY HAND or by POST as this cannot be changed once you have applied.

DC Endorsement 2

7.On Clicking the “Continue” in above page you will be directed to next page” MODULAR COURSES”.

Fill in the details of course as per your DC requirement ie;

TASCO for Oil DC

GASCO for Gas DC

CHEMCO for Chemical DC

AFF / FPFF is required for all DC


8. Next section you will need to fill up the details of sea service.Fill up the details of last ship first and then keep adding the old sea service. Minimum 3 months of Sea Service in Last 5 Years is required to Get DC.


9.Next page will show you the Fees, just click ”  Continue” you will be directed to page for making the payment. Make sure all details are correct as Fees once paid will not be refunded.

Normally the Fees is not an issue for the Seafarer but the problem starts if you know some data is wrong in your application it will get reflected in your endorsement and the procedure to get it rectified is very tiring and will involve some visits to MMD.

DC 7

10.After making the payment of Fees option for uploading documents will be available. Please  upload all documents as per list below.

Sr.No. Documents to be Uploaded
1 Scan copy of signed online application
2 Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph of seafarer
3 Scanned signature of seafarer
4 Scanned Modular Course certificate in one pdf file
5 Certificate from the company should mention the name of Oil,Chemical,Gas cargo carried along with their grade
6 Self attested scanned copy of CDC booklet pages showing relevent sea services.

Photograph has to be in white or light background. JPG images only can be uploaded.

Similarly scanned signature should as per format shown below:

opções binárias melhor site dc7

11. The Process of getting the DC is very swift now and without visiting the MMD. Normally you can see the status of application changed to “APPROVED”WITHIN 2 working days and it will take about 7 days to get your endorsement to be delivered at your home or you can collect the ENDORSEMENT from MMD after 1 day since status is changed to APPROVED. TO CHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION FOR GMDSS, DC ENDORSEMENT CLICK HERE.




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31 thoughts on “How to Apply for DC Endorsement Online”

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  2. see Sir , Please explain how to find the online application (Sr no 1.) as per the documents to be uploaded while applying for DCE.

  3. Hi.. I’m sailing as 3rd engineer and I have opted for collecting DCE by hand … where should I go and collect the dce …. and if any queries which branch should I go and talk with. ..

    1. Hi sir,
      I was applying dce and during the payment page it got offline and I could not complete the payment and did not upload the documents yet. I am trying to start again but it is opening a dailogue saying “you have already submitted application ” and no other option for payment is visible. How to proceed please suggest….

  4. I am applying for a new Chemical advanced DCE. But in the online application, they are prompting me to fill the last DCE details. I do not have any previous chemical DCE. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  5. Sir, i made mistake in the online application form for dce, can i apply fresh? Fee is not an issue, but i dont want to visit mmd for correction in online form

    1. Hi Rajat,

      Mistake cannot be corrected online and even you will not be able to apply for the same DCE unless old application is cancelled. You can try calling MMD but it will take 5-10 mins to get it done if you visit MMD. They can cancel your request then you will get option to apply again.

  6. Sir, I am a second mate, I had submitted a chemco DC to MMD Kolkata. But my AFF date year changed, and also coc is expired. This status is coming.
    How to correct the AFF date, and before renewal coc, I can’t get DC?
    Pls reply

  7. Sir, i’m Deck cadet completed my first ship(product tanker) for 9months,my OTF & CTF DC ENDORESMENT expiried.i need to revalidate that.i was trying by online but in rank& grade column there is no option for Deck,which one i have to select? And also i have to do any courses for revalidate my DC endorsement?.i’m from tamilnadu so tell me the procedure in chennai mmd.

    1. For Cadets online application is not possible, you will need to visit MMD. Please see comments where details of location from where you can apply for renewal is given.

  8. Sir i want to clear my dout that
    In my passport my name is surname(singh) ,given name (Atul kumar),but in cdc it is like Atul kumar singh,and if iam going for endorsment my name will come like Atul kumar singh or singh atul kumar.

  9. Sir
    I am sailing as a third officer in gas carriers. Is it required to do LCHS to get Level II DC endorsement. or is it possible to get level II(advanced level) for third officers??

  10. Sir, I got a query from the mmd to re upload the existing dc scan … which I had done 3 times already.. still there’s no change in status… what to do now ??

  11. Hello sir i want to take oil dc leve 1(basic). I am second mate. What all the documents need for it?
    Either LCHS AND TASCO COURSE compulsory for it or only TASCO is compulsory??
    Please suggest me.

  12. once the application is done. is it necessary to send any documents by courier to MMD. or just uploading the docs required is enough??

    1. Hi Sagar,

      for DC endorsement no need to send any documents to MMD. Uploading is good enough. After uploading all docs it will take about 4-5 days to get DC at home.

  13. Sir,i got query from mmd regarding chemical cargo full form in company letter and sea service entered column.i replaced the company letter but I couldn’t make correction on 1st application .pls brief my the procedure

    1. Hi Antony,

      Change in the application is not possible once you have paid the fees. You will need to visit MMD and if they agree they will reset the application.Stcitly subject to surveyor’s discretion.

  14. Sir
    I was trying to fill DC online. But I got struck at the first step itself.
    Please tell me what should I select on the ‘Rank’ and ‘Grade’ column.

    I have done GME course, OTFC/CTFC & STCW.
    I am yet to board as a Fifth Engineer. (hence, no sailing experience as per now).


    1. As per now only officers can avail online procedure for dc.
      as for cadets and others.
      Dc for engine side is acceptable in Nerul
      Dc for Deck side is in Seamans club , near mmd ,cst
      1. completely fill dg profile including scan of photo and signature.
      2. Get form for Dc from any of the photocopy shops near mmd , cst.
      3.Documents needed- Indos ,cdc checker, dg profile, all pages master checker with any kind of information,
      Otfc/gtfc / ctfc. (combined BASIC OIL AND CHEMICAL will work )., FPFF, AUGUMENTATION, 3 photographs., 1 small envelope for photograph, 1 A4 size bag for docents, . Also u will meed 2 Demand drafts ( check price from any photocopy shop near mmd.)
      4. All pages (including stamped pages) of Cdc and Passport.

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